Web links we love:


Inspiring and informative talks across a broad range of issues.

Here are some great Ted talks:

Brene Brown

The website for Brene Brown (The power of vulnerability)with free resources.

Centre for Creative Leadership

This site is from the Centre for Creative Leadership, long a pioneer in leadership research and development. Membership is free and readings, white papers, reports, research, and various forums are provided

Marshall Goldsmith

This online library from the best-selling author and internationally renowned coach is filled with free articles, columns, interviews, webcasts, podcasts, audios and videos

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is such an interesting thinker and his blog is always worth reading.

Forbes Leadership

This the leadership section of Forbes business web site. Always has some great, easy to read articles on leadership.

Executive Board

A great paid resource for organisations with consistently excellent research data.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business review for its varied and informative thought leadership.


For those who like to dig a little deeper into their psyche, there are great books and links on here.

Authentic Happiness

Dr Martin Seligman’s page – great free resources and assessments on here.

Stanford School of Medicine

Our preferred training for compassion.

Conscious Club

For events on conscious self-awareness, a fabulous place with a fantastic group of people.