Leadership Development

Learning to learn is key to becoming a leader...

“The ability to learn is a defining characteristic of being human; the ability to continue learning is an essential skill of leadership.  When leaders lose that ability, they invariably falter…the signature skill of leaders is the ability to process new experiences…and to integrate them into life.”

Bennis & Thomas; Geeks & Geezers

Leadership development refers to any activity that helps build the capability and the quality of leadership at both an individual and organisational level. Development may include a range of options including job assignments, mentoring, university programs, coaching, action learning, structured group work, classroom training, e-learning, reading, networking and manager feedback.

Research by Lombardo & Eichinger highlights that 70% of what people learn is from job experiences. These experiences can be a business start up, turnaround or fix-it situations, special projects, increases in scope or scale, and job secondments. 20% per cent of development is inspired by people, whether they are managers, peers, coaches or mentors. Finally, 10% of development comes from training courses. Our approach is to work with you to build your leadership development solution ensuring that we include a mix of all the above for maximum effectiveness.

We take a customised approach to our clients’ development, using leading research and models as well practical tools and templates. Our facilitators have worked at a leadership level within organisations and are known for their engaging, energetic and stimulating approach to program development.

We also provide coaching services to our clients across a range of industries and at different levels. We ensure our coaching is practical, challenging and insightful, working at both a behavioural and a business operations level. Some of the key issues our coaches address include: managing stress, leadership transition, emotional intelligence, constructive thinking, team management, self-management and conflict management.