Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a results-oriented systematic process where the coach collaborates with individuals to facilitate the enhancement of goal attainment, performance, self-directed learning and personal growth (Grant, 2005).  Throughout the coaching process the coach works collaboratively with the client to help them find their way to both their goals and well being.

The coaching relationship is framed within an adult learning cycle that encourages a systematic, solution-focused process of setting goals; taking actions that ensure sustainable behaviour change; reflecting to make sense of these changes in terms of new understandings, desired organisational results and long-term personal potential; and, translating these reflections into future plans of action (Kemp, 2008).  This cycle continues until ultimate goals are achieved.  The coaching process aims to improve the quality of the leaders working life and thereby to also improve organisational effectiveness.

Our approach is evidence based using best practice coaching research, derailment research, systems thinking and neuroscience. Our coaching methodology integrates accelerated development practices using deliberate practice and acquisition of expertise research. There is strong mutual accountability for all key stakeholders including the Coachee, the Line Manger and the Coach.

Our Executive Coaching approach addresses 3 different levels of development: