Adaptive Leadership

The need for internal collaboration around Adaptive Leadership is emerging as a key strategic driver in successful organisations. With increasing specialisation, distributed expertise, globalisation and the need for innovation we are hearing that this could be the ‘silver bullet’ that clients are struggling with, that is, how do we get people to collaborate genuinely to deliver change that matters.

As you know, many of the complex or ‘wicked’ problems that organisations face can often only be solved through collaboration both internally and externally. Leading in this time requires us to develop a different mindset, way of thinking and leading in order to meet the systemic, complex problems that we are faced with.  We need to be able to let go of what we think we already know and develop a different relationship with the uncertainty that these complex challenges provide. When we have meaningful conversations and can let go of the need to be right as well as suspending assumptions, we create a space where a sense of shared responsibility and ownership can be fostered.

At the heart of our Adaptive Leadership solutions is the powerful work of Ron Heifitz and his colleagues at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. The work centres on adaptive leadership and helping organisations to solve complex problems that deeply matter to them. We also draw on the Theory U work of Otto Scharmer out of MIT. This work helps take a collective responsibility to solving challenging problems. Scarmer talsk about how we can create presencing at an individual and organisational level to drive personal and organisational transformation.

In our research we notice that many organisations, teams and individuals demonstrate behaviours that are not aligned with their espoused values. Collaboration is an example of that. We also see collaboration as an adaptive challenge that requires new thinking and new approaches. Our approach is to partner with organisations to facilitate the skills and behaviours to enable new thinking and new approaches to thrive.

We offer an Adaptive Leadership methodology that helps organisations, intact teams and cross functional teams to make progress of those complex challenges that really matter to them.