About Us


Agility Consulting Group is a consulting firm that partners with our clients to deliver change that matters. Agility Consulting Group is led by Andrew Williams, a well-known practitioner in the field of leadership and team development, who is in regular demand by some of Australia’s top companies.

Agility Consulting Group, through Andrew Williams, a Lominger Associate, represent Lominger, the publisher of the Leadership Architect suite of tools here in Australia and as such Agility Consulting Group has access to some of the world’s leading leadership development and assessment tools.

What we do?

Our services centre around helping deliver change that matters. We use a range of coaching and collaborative leadership solutions to help move individuals, teams and organisations level from their current reality to their desired vision.

Our consultants and associates have an extensive background in change, leadership, facilitation and team development both in the private and public sectors.  We have built a particularly strong reputation in the field of leadership development, delivering practical, engaging and thought-provoking programs using the latest research and practical case studies

What inspires us?

We are interested in helping organisations, teams and individuals to be the best they can be. We truly believe that everyone has potential and finding the way to unlock that potential is a key in our development processes. We love seeing our clients make progress and in the work we do with teams and individuals we co-create what success looks like so we can track and measure progress.

We are also inspired to help organisations and teams to make progress on complex issues. This deeper work, using dialogue, facilitation, case-in-point teaching and team coaching, enables us to co-create to make a difference to the organisation, the team and each individual. We see our role as advancing each of these key systems to enable them to adapt to the new reality.

Who do we work with?

We have worked across a diverse range of industries, assisting organisations in building successful leaders and teams.  These include the banking, finance and insurance, construction, FMCG, manufacturing, information technology and communications, government and professional services sectors.  Our clients are based both in Australia and New Zealand and we have a presence in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.